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All machine finished parts start out their manufacture as some form of raw material; for example a casting, forging, stamping, extrusion, bar, tube, block, or plate. After the machining process starts, the raw material is referred to as a workpiece in its semi-finished state until completed.
On the workpiece’s journey to become a finished part, workholding devices are used to securely position and clamp it while accurately referencing the workpiece to the tools used during the manufacturing operations. Workholding devices must also, without distortion, resist the forces applied to the workpiece by the tools used during the manufacturing processes.

Because workpieces come in endless shapes and sizes and are processed into finished parts by a variety of manufacturing methods, various types of standard and custom workholding devices are needed to accommodate each situation. DREWCO has custom workholding design expertise and manufactures all types of workholding systems.

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Examples of working holding devices offered by DREWCO:

  • Collets – A slotted sleeve which when expanded or contracted by a tapered collar or rod, grips a cylindrical workpiece on its inside or outside diameter.
  • Collet Chucks – To machine a workpiece that is turning while being machined, typically in a lathe, a chuck is used to secure the workpiece to the end of the spindle. One type of chuck is used in conjunction with a slotted collet which grips the workpiece and thus the name collet chuck.
  • Arbors – A workholding device which typically grips on an inside diameter or feature of a cutter or workpiece such as a gear.
  • Fixtures – A custom workholding device used to securely hold a specific workpiece in position during machining operations.
  • Gear Fixture – A fixture custom made to hold and position a gear workpiece during a hobbing or grinding operation.
  • Machining Tombstones – A term coined to describe a multi-sided block that provides for the attachment of one or more fixtures on each side for holding multiple workpieces to accommodate automated machining operations with one set-up.
  • Center Mandrels – A cylindrical or symmetric shaft, sometimes tapered, that locates on an inside diameter or feature of the workpiece.
  • Face Drivers – This device is an alternative to a chuck that uses a live center and tailstock pressure to locate and drive the workpiece thus allowing for the entire workpiece to be machined in one operation without flipping

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Short Lead Times

While many workholding manufacturers take an agonizingly long time to deliver custom new or replacement workholding devices, DREWCO has found a better, faster process. We’ve set up the end to end operations at DREWCO to provide you what you need; the highest quality workholding systems at a reasonable prices with incredibly short lead times.

We examined all the processes involved in workholding design and manufacturing from order entry to order fulfillment. We then reengineered our processes using Theory of Constraints methods to guarantee lasting, repeatable, short delivery times.
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DREWCO: An Industry Leader in Manufacturing Custom Workholding Devices

Because workholding devices are crucial components of machining systems, great care must go into their design and construction to achieve the results that modern machine tools & CNC equipment can provide. DREWCO knows best practices, provides custom contemporary designs, and offers methods that can significantly boost productivity. There is a wide array of choices possible. There are flexible, modular workholding systems and pneumatic or hydraulic clamping methods for safer operation and that can reduce operator fatigue in high production setups or facilitate automation in more complex setups.

DREWCO is able to respond to the demand for innovative, custom workholding solutions for the metal working industry. DREWCO understands that workholding is an integral part of manufacturing operations; especially where high productivity, machine uptime, and custom workholding devices are key elements to the profitability of parts production. Today’s manufacturing environment is based on precise, efficient part production with versatility and agility which requires fast loading and unloading of workpieces. Workholding devices must accommodate this environment while exposed to hard use for up to three shifts per day. This is the standard DREWCO has set for itself. Be confident that DREWCO delivers everything needed for custom working solutions.

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