On Time Delivery – Backed By Rebates
Rush Delivery Always Available

When collet orders are late, it costs you money. Production is held up, time and dollars are lost, sales and shipments are late, your reputation with customers is jeopardized and time is lost following up on suppliers.

When orders are on time, every time, our customers tell us they save dollars and that their jobs are easier. Production dollars are saved due to no down time, efficiency and profitability increase, costs are reduced because inventories are lowered, expediting headaches are eliminated and they have more time.

That’s why:

  • All Fast Collet delivery times are guaranteed, backed up by a minimum 10% per day rebate for late shipments.
  • Expedited delivery is also available. Rush and Express deliveries are backed with an even higher guaranteed on time rebate.
  • DREWCO is commited to delivering standard lead-times at competitive prices.

For Example: If you submit a standard order and we missed our shipping date by one business day, then you pay only 90% of the originally quoted price. If a standard order is behind schedule by 10 or more business days, then the order is FREE.
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Collet Delivery Options

  Standard Delivery Rush Delivery Express Delivery
Order Lead Time 6 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Week
Selling Price Standard Standard X 1.5 Standard X 2
Rebate 10% / day of selling price 15% / day of selling price 20% / day of selling price

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